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18 Stitches Secure First Tuesday REC Championship

03/28/2019, 10:45am EDT
By ARHL Management

Tuesday night Dynamo and 18 Stitches, two titans of the Tuesday REC league, battled for the crown jewel. The game was played at a fast and furious pace, and while 18 Stitches was undermanned with only five skaters compared to Dynamo’s seven, they quickly took the early lead and never looked back.

After trading a couple of goals in the first period, 18 Stitches took a dominant lead in the second. It appeared Dynamo might have had an opportunity to regain some momentum after a brief delay in the game caused by an unruly fan spilling their beverage on the rink, but 18 Stitches withstood Dynamo’s flurry of pressure and ultimately cruised to a 7-3 victory, marking 18 Stitches first Tuesday REC championship. The taste of victory was probably no sweeter than for George Hurley and Jim Schimpf, both longtime members of the 18 Stitches, who will be leaving the league next season.

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