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New Rink Update and Fundraising Effort

08/29/2018, 10:45am EDT
By ARHL Management

Friends of ARHL -

As you may remember, ARHL took over management of roller hockey at Hammond about six months ago. Over that time we have been busy working on improving the website, scheduling, and payment systems for the league. We are now excited to give an update on another big advancement we have been working on..... a new rink. We hope everyone in the league is as excited about this as we are. We would appreciate your support over the coming months to allow this to become a reality that we all would benefit from.  

The Washington Capitals, Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS), DC Street Hockey, and ARHL have been working on the new rink for many months. The Caps have reached an agreement with ACPS to replace the rink in September/October and have already purchased the equipment. The new rink will be owned by ACPS, and would be managed by ARHL and DC Street Hockey.  

The Caps are donating the rink, but additional funds must be raised to pay for the lighting and the site preparation. The total cost for this comes close to $100,000. ACPS and DC Street Hockey have already raised the majority of this, but we are still $15,000 short. Considering ACPS and DC Street Hockey have already done the majority of the fundraising, we feel we should do our part to contribute to ensure this project happens. 

We realize past efforts to raise money for this were premature and caused a great deal of confusion among players. We believe this time is different because the Caps have an agreement in place with ACPS, the equipment has been purchased, and ARHL and DC Street Hockey have a lease in place to manage the rink. 

Many of us have played at Raue Pond for years and have noticed the decline in the rink's infrastructure. Here is our chance to make a difference that all of us will benefit from for the foreseeable future. We ask everyone to join us in this fundraising effort. With almost 500 active players in the league, it would only take 150 of us donating $100 each to reach our goal. If we do not reach this goal over the next few weeks, there is a good chance the new rink would still be built, but without lighting until the funds can be raised to reinstall the lights. 

The fundraising is being run though our partnership with DC Street Hockey who runs the Wednesday and Sunday street hockey league at Hammond.

To make your donation: 

  1. Please click here:
  2. Log into PayPal and address the payment to
  3. Enter your donation amount
  4. In the notes, please put "ARHL Rink Donation" 

In the event that the new rink does not happen for some reason, all donations will be 100% refunded. Thank you in advance for your support in this effort. 

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